SUCBAS & MARSUR Networking

There is no “One cooperation fit’s it all.”

SUCBAS - Sea Surveillance Co-Operation Baltic Sea • MARSUR - Maritime Surveillance NetworkingEconomic growth is essential to society. Some countries are able to reduce energy consumption and have economic growth; others depend on higher energy consumption. The world’s economy growth principle pushes the energy demand to the threshold of limited resources with increasing environmental impact. When abuse of the environmental system lasts long enough, the result can backfire on world economy; examples in history show the growth followed by saturation, turning into a catastrophic decline, and ultimately destabilizing the bases of our culture and political systems.

The principle of infinite growth in a finite planet is fundamentally flawed. Although no precise conclusions or quantitative assessments can be made with respect to the global oil resources, the critical imbalance between the baseline demand and the remaining resources seems foreseeable around 2030. More than four hundred nuclear power plants account for ~14% of the world’s demand for electricity. Renewable energy resources such as sun, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal, are naturally replenished, and cover ~16% of the global energy consumption …

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von: Joachim Beckh
Joachim Beckh

Joachim Beckh

Joachim Beckh, born 1963, joined the Navy in 1985.

Studied electro-mechanic and electronic science, updated routinely to new standards and technologies in his field. Operation & maintenance of C3-Systems on-board destroyers. Assigned as curator of the Naval Communication Museum.

Advanced national and NATO-mission positions in communication tutoring, system administrator, IT-Security & Infrastructure, and Management. Since 2014 in International Relations at German Naval Headquarters.

Contributions in MSA as Chair/National Expert for Coordination, Security, and Technical Working Groups in national/international cooperation and organisations in EU, NATO, SUCBAS, MARSUR, V-RMTC/T-RMN.

Author of the book “Blitz & Anker” on the history of communication and “Darwin’s Religion – The art of Communication Survival in the Information Jungle”.

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