Maritime Surveillance (MARSUR) Networking in the European Union

The Maritime Surveillance Working Group

The Maritime Surveillance Working Group

On the 30th of June 2011 the European Defence Agency (EDA) wrote history with a live presentation of »Maritime Surveillance (MARSUR) Networking«. 150 senior high level representatives and nearly 300 guests were attending the presentation given by Mr. Pasi Staff, Chairman of Project Team. The MARSUR low cost solution is using existing resources and marks a new era in the European Union. Naval Headquarters linked their national system to a unique designed interface »MEXS« (MARSUR Exchange System). These interfaces enable secured cooperation over the internet. The importance of this successful project cannot be emphasized enough.

Europe’s geography determines the maritime environment as »Road of Economics« for a population of 500 million people. The merchant vessels in the EU represent the world’s largest fleet transporting almost 90% of the Union’s external, and over 40% of its domestic trade. The North Sea is the fourth largest source of oil and gas in the world. The Mediterranean Sea represents only 1% of all ocean area, but carries 16% of all commercial traffic at sea, and 25% of all oil transports. The Armed Forces of EU’s 27 Member States rank second largest after China and before the United States. The EU is a top player in world’s economy and military, while on the other hand the Member States have lost nearly 40% of jobs in the shipbuilding industry, mainly to Asia. Just in China the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) expanded nearly 10% in the first quarter of 2011, while the European GDP was averaging between 1-2%. The ecologic environment is affected on a global scale, which has impact on the fishery and food production in the EU. The Arctic region had a temperature increase of 3° Celsius in the past 50 years, contributing to the shrinking of the Arctic ice pack by 15 to 20%; half of Europe’s wetlands are expected to disappear by 2020 …

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The systems of the six Member States (Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom)

Chairman of Project Team MARSUR and Speaker Defence Community, Mr. Pasi Staff (FIN)

Rear Admiral Nelte from the German Military Representative to NATO and EU with Lieutenant Beckh

Commander of Her Majesties Royal Navy, Steve Smith and Lieutenant Robin Nash

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von: Joachim Beckh
Joachim Beckh

Joachim Beckh

Joachim Beckh, born 1963, joined the Navy in 1985.

Studied electro-mechanic and electronic science, updated routinely to new standards and technologies in his field. Operation & maintenance of C3-Systems on-board destroyers. Assigned as curator of the Naval Communication Museum.

Advanced national and NATO-mission positions in communication tutoring, system administrator, IT-Security & Infrastructure, and Management. Since 2014 in International Relations at German Naval Headquarters.

Contributions in MSA as Chair/National Expert for Coordination, Security, and Technical Working Groups in national/international cooperation and organisations in EU, NATO, SUCBAS, MARSUR, V-RMTC/T-RMN.

Author of the book “Blitz & Anker” on the history of communication and “Darwin’s Religion – The art of Communication Survival in the Information Jungle”.

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