Maritime Security from a Systems View

From Cold War Systems to multinational Civilian-Military Information Exchange

The Past

Inter-governmental and inter-services approach, civilian-military co-operation or standardization are no new idea or concept. History has numerous examples, and maybe modern standardization has its roots in the ancient civilizations of Babylon and early Egypt, where physical standards for weight and measurements of the Sumerians were carved in stone. Later Gaius Marius restructured the Roman Legions and standardized their equipment in the Marian Reform – Dr. Urbanovsky called it in the «Brief History of Defence Standardization» the «probably first recorded Defence Capabilities Initiative in history».

During the II World War submarine losses increased significantly due to the grouping of commercial ships in allied convoys. Key issue for the hunters as well as the hunted was in both cases always secure and undetected communication. One aimed to guide his convoys away from detected sub packs, the other tried to analyze the convoy routes to guide sub packs towards their targets. Only the combined effort of masters and geniuses in mathematics, cypher technics, radar and sonar technology made it possible to reach the appropriate information level and achieve the necessary awareness in military operations. The inter-governmental, inter-services approach and civilian-military co-operation (CIMIC) of this time was the key to success and victory in history …

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Joachim Beckh

Joachim Beckh

Joachim Beckh, born 1963, joined the Navy in 1985.

Studied electro-mechanic and electronic science, updated routinely to new standards and technologies in his field. Operation & maintenance of C3-Systems on-board destroyers. Assigned as curator of the Naval Communication Museum.

Advanced national and NATO-mission positions in communication tutoring, system administrator, IT-Security & Infrastructure, and Management. Since 2014 in International Relations at German Naval Headquarters.

Contributions in MSA as Chair/National Expert for Coordination, Security, and Technical Working Groups in national/international cooperation and organisations in EU, NATO, SUCBAS, MARSUR, V-RMTC/T-RMN.

Author of the book “Blitz & Anker” on the history of communication and “Darwin’s Religion – The art of Communication Survival in the Information Jungle”.

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